New Brunswick’s Jaclyn Reinhart Details Her Experience With Canada’s Music Incubator Program

The singer-songwriter pens the first of many blog entries to come...

With two full-length releases behind her, Fredericton’s Jaclyn Reinhart is currently working on taking her music career to the next level. The singer-songwriter is currently in Toronto, Ont., taking part in Canada’s Music Incubator, a not-for-profit program mandated to help artists and managers evolve from starter companies into sustainable businesses through hands-on networking, mentoring and collaboration.

Starting today, and over the coming weeks, Reinhart will be blogging about her experience as part of the program, detailing the in’s, the out’s, what she’s learning and so much more.

Here is Jaclyn’s first blog entry:

I have just completed the first week of an eight-week Artist Entrepreneur Program at Canada’s Music Incubator.

Whoa…to say it’s been a whirlwind since I flew in on February 28 would be putting it mildly! This is a new beginning, a new connection to the country I live in and an opportunity to learn so much more of the industry I love being a part of. Music is my world.

So how did I get here? I’ve been in the world of music for years now. The exact start is fuzzy because it just happened somewhat unexpectedly. I had no training as a child growing up, but always loved two things: People and singing.

Along the way, I met amazing women like Cora Woolsey (VETCH) and Jessica Rhaye, both of whom I will forever attribute my spark to get going because of their writing, voices, stage presence and flame that they shared with me to light my own candle. (Thank you, ladies!)

After starting to work on my craft, I’ve had some pretty awesome things happen: I’ve released two albums, built a supportive fanbase, opened for great artists like Joel Plaskett and I Mother Earth and have met so many talented people along the way, all the while learning as much as I can.

From a personal perspective, quite a lot has happened over the last couple of years. I had sunk into a depression that had essentially eroded my confidence, so much so that I started questioning whether I should give music up in favour of a “real job.”

Last fall, however, things changed.

A person I had considered a friend introduced me to new people as “a poor musician.”  WHAT? What did they mean? Poor because I never have a lot of money or poor because I’m not living the live I say I want? Whatever they meant, I felt that if a person who claims to know and care about me can utter these words, then there is a problem. I was so mortified that I went to the bathroom and cried like a hurt teenager.

Who wants to be identified as poor anything? Certainly not me. That was when I realized I had to make a change.

Shortly after reflecting on the need for change, I was blessed with an “aha!” moment. In October 2016, at Festival 506 – an annual music festival and conference put on by Music New Brunswick –  I took part in an Artist Entrepreneur Bootcamp put on through Canada’s Music Incubator. It was an intense two-day workshop that touched on many of the main aspects of how be an entrepreneur in the music industry, but also touched on the exact program that I’m enrolled in now.

After having been accepted into the program this past January, I had some time to get things in order. I was successful in landing some grants to help offset the costs of the program, but the financial burden of living in Toronto has encouraged me to look for part-time work.

But in-between job searching, settling into my home, the program and trying not to get lost on the TTC, I’ve actually had an amazing time already.

The other people taking part in this program are wildly talented, driven and focused artists. I am just so thankful to be here with this group of people.

My feet hurt from all the walking and I’m starting to develop my “TTC legs,” but I’m so happy and proud of myself for taking this huge chance. The weeks ahead will be filled with collaboration, networking, performance coaching, and spending time with like-minded, driven people. It’s exactly what I’ve been missing.

I do miss my family and friends – especially my kids – who I speak with daily. That part is hard at times. But the program is already proving to be a great change of pace. The next seven weeks are going to fly by, but there is no doubt in my mind that it will be worth the effort and sacrifice to be here.

Until the next blog entry…

<3 JR

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