Jaclyn Reinhart Blog Post #5: Producer Bill Bell, Good Friends and Introspection

Ok so week five was quite something, a very productive week when it came to developing my songwriting and having a lot of concepts come together. I feel so much more confident in my approach to my music career.

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, I had the opportunity to do some writing with Tyler Lombard. I have to say, I’m feeling so connected to this new tune called “Sleep with Ghosts,” so much so that I showed it to Bill Bell, the producer I was paired up with. Bill has worked with Jason Mraz, Amanda Marshall, Tom Cochrane and Justin Nozuka, among many others. CMI wants to make sure we’re getting the most out of this experience and, as such, pairs us up with mentors who are most relevant to us. Bill felt the song had a lot of potential, which helped reinforce I was on the right track.

We also focused on branding last week, which was so helpful to look through a larger lens. Goal setting was also a great way to tweak and refine our path. Of course, there was more business training etiquette along with some live acoustic recording and more song writing!

It’s interesting to really dissect my artistic life and start implementing some great practices. I certainly have much more work to do, but it’s an ongoing effort regardless. Nothing is handed to us. Write good songs…be grateful for when you have.  I’ve never been more grateful every day like I’ve been here. It’s about squeezing out all your potential and growing so you can squeeze out more.

Bonus time this past week was time with Lorissa, one of my best friends from my high school days, and her boyfriend Minh. They’ve been so good to me while I’m here, and I love spending time with them because they’re sweet and make sure I’m having a good time. They are just like family, and another thing to be grateful for.

This coming week, I’m excited to dig into the business side of things even more!

Much Love,


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