Jaclyn Reinhart Blog Post #4: Songwriting, Sloan and More!

Where do I start this week?!

I’m officially at the halfway mark of my time here in Toronto and so far, it has been pretty awesome. I’ve already made some amazing connections with people here that if you’ve been reading (hint, hint, hint), you totally get it.

The other great side of being here is having the opportunity to spend time with people I know and don’t get to see often. Approximately five years ago, I took in the Music & Image Program at Halifax’s Atlantic Film Festival, where I got to meet some really great people, and have actually kept in touch with a few of them. I ended up meeting up with one of those friends, who whisked me off to a private listening party for Sloan’s new album. I got to chat with Sloan’s Chris Murphy and take a few funny selfies. He’s a pretty chill guys. It was nice (and inspirational) to talk to a person who has had a career spanning over 20 years and 12 albums. He kept calling me young, which made me giggle.

This past week, the program was full of workshops where we split off into smaller groups and worked with various mentors on topics including social media, Facebook Live and content creation, song writing/collaborations, stage plots, input lists, technical riders, live tech consultations, vocals and more performance coaching!

It ended up being a lot of fine tuning the little things that end up making a big difference. I feel artists and musicians get so inside our own heads sometimes that it’s impossible to look at our songs and performances from another angle. It allows our mentors to be able to dissect some of the areas that we might not have realized needed some attention. For instance, we adjusted a song I’ve been singing for two years and it felt AMAZING to change it up.

This past Monday, I booked the writing room at SOCAN’s office and wrote with a few people from my program along with another friend. We banged out three great song babies! I had the chance to work with Rebecca Lappa, Nick Samoil, Tyler Lombard (an old friend from New Brunswick that lives in Toronto now), as well as Brad and Ryan from the band Flaysher.

This week has been more workshops, but also some recording thrown in there, too. I’m excited to be paired up with an amazing producer that has worked with some of my favourite artists! I’ll share more next blog!

Much Love,


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